Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy with Betas!

Still not updating as frequently as I would like to, but I have been extremely busy!

I downloaded the Microsoft Office System 2007 Professional Plus and I plan to try it out along with my copy of Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2! I haven’t been working on the Code::Blocks installer anymore, since the script is finished and I am just waiting for Code::Blocks 1.0rc3 to come out. Since it is the summer, I have plenty of time! I also ordered a lot of Ubuntu Dapper Drake CDs. I expect them to arrive in July though… I have also tried the “beta-quality” AIGLX in Fedora Core 5, which isn’t too bad, but still needs more special effects… I also noticed that after I installed AIGLX, the custom Fedora Core 5 splash locked login screen is gone, and in its place is the standard GNOME locked login screen.

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