Monday, May 21, 2007

Immense Stupidity! RGW-Net main site destroyed! Horrible Final Exams! PAIN!!!

I cannot believe I actually stupidly upgraded the Fully Modded phpBB system on my site! Now I cannot restore the database because phpMyAdmin AND the mysql tools cannot ‘read’ the file. And sometimes, when it does, it is unable to create the database. Apparently my rights to create databases under phpMyAdmin are gone! So, now I am stuck with a simple phpBB3 forum that is interim between the new setup of the main site and the old phpBBFM site. I cannot say that this was a complete loss. This provides the opportunity I need to start afresh. I still can’t believe that RGW-Net’s phpbbFM system required 193 tables in a single database……

The new system currently does not have a downloads manager that is restricted and controlled by the ACLs in place, so I am designing an impromptu downloads system with my limited knowledge of scripting and programming along with a great friend of mine, who will be porting some of the download ACL systems he wrote for me to the new CMS.

However, this week is exams week, so I will be devoting an unusually large amount of time towards studying for my final exams.

This does not mean that work will completely stop. My friend has been working on the CMS for some time and continues to work on it, while I am preparing our testing systems for the QA which I usually supply for. Also, this new CMS is valid XHTML, valid CSS, and valid RSS! And its quite lightweight.

Though it may seem that all this was sprung at the last moment, I have been planning the replacement of phpBBFM for quite some time.

I have looked into various CMS systems: phpNuke, phpBBFM, plone, drupal, MediaWiki + phpBB2/SMF 1.1.x, etc.

PHPNUKE is out because it has a bad business model and the software itself I would consider on the unstable side.
Plone is a python based system, so its out.
Drupal is out because I did not like the feel of it.
MediaWiki + phpBB2/SMF 1.1.x is out because phpBB3 support is not available to work with MediaWiki.

In the end, I settled on one combination of systems. However, if it is not ready by 5/25/2007-5/27/2007, then I am going to set up an interim Drupal installation until it is. I panicked initally, so that is why phpBB3 is up there. I thought about putting my new planned system, but it just was not ready yet.

And I hurt myself four times today! Sprained my ankle, cut my thigh on the bus rail (how does that happen?), hit my head on the cabinets, and tripped over a cable onto the floor (barely missed the laptop in front of me, lazy housemates)…

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