Saturday, June 23, 2007

Solaris? Linux? Sun vs. FOSS? Sun with FOSS? OpenSolaris?

Confused yet?

Anyways, I put that there as a culminating topic name. What is the deal with Solaris? What about OpenSolaris?

Well, Solaris is what SVR4/SVR5 implementation of Unix by Sun Microsystems. SunOS, which was its predecessor, was more towards BSD. So, Sun Microsystems does have some background in the OSS community. Solaris is what Sun calls the most advanced OS on the planet. Well, I cannot agree or dispute the claim because I STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN MY SOLARIS DISCS!!! I ordered them about two or three weeks ago and I still have not gotten them!!! I want to do some work on Solaris especially with QA work of the Enano CMS Project, which I am the QA Manager for that project. I saw a lot of ads for Solaris about their new advanced process isolation systems, and I figured that it would be important enough to test for. Well, I thought, maybe OpenSolaris. The problem is that OpenSolaris is just a bunch source packages…. No binary ISOs to download, though I don’t have the space for Solaris downloading. On top of that, I only download Linux ISOs, but I am being tempted greatly to re-order those DVDs.

The CEO of Sun Microsystems requested some time ago that Linus and himself have dinner at his place to discuss the Linux and Solaris debate and the Openness of Sun. Linus should go there and see, and since I posted so late, it may have already happened, but so far, no results.

ZFS on Linux is already possible thanks to ZFS-FUSE. So, the one thing Linus says that he wants from Solaris is already available, but I think he still wants ZFS in kernel space instead of Userspace. Oh well, to each his own.

I like to keep myself open-minded about the UNIX world, and Solaris is something that piqued my interest. But I am getting mad about that order not going through.


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