Sunday, May 17, 2009

W00T, school is out and Enano 1.1.6 is released!

Four years of school is finally done! I'm eagerly awaiting the start of my summer projects: lazing around, learning C#, and some more anime watching!

Also, a nice graduation present: Enano CMS 1.1.6 is released!

  • A new theme is set for default: Enanium
  • A new extra method of security is added to auth systems: Live-ReAuth
  • Enano now uses HMAC-SHA1 encoded passwords internally
  • External authentication is now supported, via plugins; through this, the Yubikey plugin works
  • A new simplified log interface
  • The dashboard in the administrative panel has been rewritten to be a little more friendly to new users

To get Enano CMS 1.1.6, head over to the downloads page! We are now using CoralCDN for instant mirroring of the downloads. It is somewhat experimental, so there might be issues. If there are any, please contact us in the forums.

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