Saturday, February 14, 2009

BitNami Releases First Externally Developed Stack Module

BitNami has released the first externally developed web stack module, Enano CMS. BitNami is a project by BitRock to release open source stacks to make it easy for development/testing/production systems.

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World of Goo, on Linux!

This is a new thing for me, to review Linux games. Really, I am an avid gamer, but because of the Linux gaming chicken-and-egg problem, there really isn't much for Linux that is actually worth playing.

Some of you will argue with the various FOSS games out there, and those are okay, but they are generally multiplayer only, and the few single player ones are rather limited.

In any case, World of Goo is a game that I tried out awhile ago and I found it strangely addicting.

Now, playing it on Linux made me appreciate the awesomeness of the game even more. World of Goo is really a very interesting game.

The performance on World of Goo on Linux is very nice. I didn't even have to disable compositing and Compiz to run it well, even though it was advised! I ran into virtually no issues, which is strange in my experience with commercial games. I am very pleased with the development, polish, and release of World of Goo for Linux.

However, I'm still stuck on the last level of Chapter one. It's annoying that I still  can't figure out how to build that bridge!

I would definitely recommend the game. In fact, I have recommended it to my brothers to play. Hopefully they will find it as addicting as I did.

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