Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Linux Action Show! is BACK, and better than ever before!

Alright! The Linux Action Show! has returned! This is a great podcast. If you have never seen or heard of the Linux Action Show! before, let me give you a run down of the awesomeness of it!

Bryan Lunduke and Chris Fisher are the hosts of the show. They cover the news of the week/month/etc. since the previous episode, and comment on it. They give advice, they review software, and they also take questions from listeners/viewers and respond to them in the show. It is funny, informative, and a great quality podcast. 

Linux Action Show! is different because they are full of awesome! They are quite upbeat. Although they are a bit childish, the childishness helps make the show better, because really, who wants to listen to something that is droll and completely adult-sounding (like a board meeting)? Jokes are flung left and right, with a bit of seriousness speckled in the jokes. Bryan is often prone to rants that are surprisingly very informative, while Chris is good at analyzing the news he reads off the docket. Both of them are quite friendly, and I would definitely recommend this show to anyone!